Are Rabbit Ears A Natural Wormer For Dogs?? - The Icky Reality

Are Rabbit Ears A Natural Wormer For Dogs?? - The Icky Reality

Are Rabbit Ears A Natural Wormer For Dogs?? - The Icky Reality

Rabbit ears are a natural wormer for dogs. The fiber-rich fur that covers the rabbit ears is regarded as an effective way for worming.

By removing parasites from your pet's body, the brushing action of rabbit fur also works naturally to protect against worms that may infect your dog’s body.

Your dog will be able to naturally increase the number of nutrients their body can absorb by cleaning out its digestive system while being protected from the worms.

Additionally, the brushing motion of the rabbit ears' fur can aid in removing worms along with their eggs. A few times a week, we've discovered that one rabbit ear covered in fur works well as a natural dewormer for dogs.

In this post, you’ll learn all about rabbit ears as a wormer for dogs. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Are rabbit ears a natural wormer for dogs? - The icky reality
  • How often should you feed your dog with rabbit ears for worming?
  • Is rabbit fur a natural wormer for dogs - How is it possible
  • Do rabbits' ears stop worms in dogs? 
  • Are rabbit ears good for worms?
  • What it worms down to


Is Rabbit Fur A Natural Wormer For Dogs – How Is It Possible

Rabbit ears are very beneficial for your dog, especially when it comes to being a natural wormer for dogs.

The fur that covers the rabbit's ears is considered a source of fibre, and as we all know, a diet high in fibre promotes a healthy digestive system while killing all the worms and their eggs.

Here’s why you should use rabbit ear as a natural wormer for your pet:

Reason # 1 – Brushing Away The Worms and Eggs

Since rabbit ear fur cannot be digested, it essentially brushes its way through the digestive system and aids in removing food debris that can accumulate over time.

This includes the eggs and worms that are sitting across the digestive system.

Reason # 2 – Providing a Natural Defence Against Worms

By brushing worms and their eggs out of the digestive tract, rabbit ears also serve as a natural defence against worms.

Feeding your dog with rabbit ears regularly is advised for maximum protection (we suggest a few ears per week).

Using natural wormers like these in conjunction with a worm count test twice a year can help avoid the need for harsh worming tablets.

Reason # 3 -  Cleaning The Gums

The fur also helps clean teeth by rubbing a small amount of surface plaque from the gums and in between the teeth (without you needing to arm yourself with a toothbrush).

A clean mouth ensures that there is no transmission of eggs and worms (from dirt or mud that your dog might play in)


How Often Should You Feed Your Dog With Rabbit Ears For Worming


How often owners should feed their dogs rabbit ears is a common question from clients.

Feeding fur two or three times a week is a good general rule of thumb for most sizes of dogs, but there is no hard and fast rule because natural worming remedies are not an exact science, which is why we would always urge you to worm count.


Do Rabbits Ears Stop Worms In Dogs? – Why Is It Dangerous

Worms and their eggs are removed by the fur on rabbit ears. It scourges any worms and/or eggs that may be present in the dog. You can use the furry or hairy ear in conjunction with your other worming regimen because it functions as a natural scrubber.

All pet owners are always very concerned about parasites. Do you realize how seriously harmful intestinal worms can be to your furry friends?

Because they consume both the blood from the host's body and the nutrients from their host's food, intestinal worms are dangerous.

Dogs who are subjected to this develop anaemia and malnutrition. Additionally, intestinal worms affect an animal's ability to digest food by consuming it before it can be properly absorbed or by causing bloating.

Depending on the type of worm involved, this can result in digestive issues or even death.

Did you know there are various kinds of dog dewormers? Rabbit ears are the best ones that we recommend because they are safe and 100% natural.

 You can rely on these little ears to clean out your dog’s insides of any worms or eggs.

Are Rabbit Ears Good For Worms?

Rabbit ears are excellent for removing any worms or their eggs. They are said to be the wormer of choice by many people who own furry pals.

Dogs tend to get very aggravated and upset if they have worms as they face serious health problems. Rabbit ears help them get rid of this problem.  

The fibre-rich fur that covers the rabbit ears is thought to have digestive health benefits. The act of brushing your pet's fur naturally guards against worms by removing parasites from their body!

Rabbit ears are rich in fibre and act as a natural "de-wormer," which can aid in getting rid of any intestinal parasites. Having said that, they are insufficient on their own and shouldn't be used in place of your dog's regular deworming procedure.

Their most distinctive benefit is that rabbit ears for dogs function as a natural dewormer. To help remove worms and their eggs from your dog's digestive tract, the fur creates a "brushing" motion.

What It Worms Down To

Although it is an instinct for dogs to groom themselves, occasionally they don't. By removing parasites from their system that could cause them discomfort or even death, an efficient dewormer can help keep your dog healthy.

Before giving any natural product to your pets, you should speak with a veterinarian so you can determine how to administer it most effectively for each animal's needs.

The rabbit ear is excellent for deworming dogs and clearing the stomach and digestive tract of leftover food and waste. The dog's digestive system is cleaned and another waste is pulled through by the hair and fur on the rabbit ears.