Parents Of a Furry Friend Ask: Are Pig Ears Good For Dogs?

Parents Of a Furry Friend Ask: Are Pig Ears Good For Dogs?

Parents Of a Furry Friend Ask: Are Pig Ears Good For Dogs?

Pig ears are one of the most popular types of dog treats when it comes to natural chews. They have a savoury and satisfying flavour that all dogs will enjoy. So, are pig ears good for dogs, or should you give your canine companion something else?

Here are what you will learn in this post about pigs' ears as treats for dogs:

  •  Why are pig ears good for dogs to chew on?
  • Are pig ears good for dogs' teeth
  • Are pig ears ok for dogs?
  • Alternatives to pig ears that are also healthy


Why Are Pig Ears Good For Dogs To Chew On?

Pig ears are one of the most loved treats by dogs. If you don’t believe us, toss a pig ear at your dog and see its reaction. You should choose pig ears as a snack for your dogs to chew on because of the following reasons:

 Reason # 1: Perfect Amount Of Calories

Pig ears can have a fair amount of calories and fat. For instance, a 50-gram treat typically contains a little over 200 calories.

These are the perfect amount of calories a snack should have for a dog.  As a general rule, your dog's daily caloric intake should not exceed 10% of calories from treats.

Reason # 2: Natural and Nutritious

Pig ears don't have a ton of artificial flavourings, chemicals, or preservatives like many other treats do. They are made entirely from pig ears. 

For longevity, the ears are usually cut into strips and dehydrated. They are therefore a great source of protein, a vital nutrient that all dogs require. 

You can relax knowing that your dog is getting extra protein added to his diet if you choose premium pig ears from a reputable supplier.


Reason # 3: Repurposing Pig Parts

The pig's kidneys, liver, and ears might be considered the less appetizing parts, but not many people are interested in them. Repurposing these as a part of our dogs' regular diet is one way to consume as much of the pig as possible.

When it comes to food, our canine companions are much less fussy than we are. One way to utilize these nutrient-dense pieces of a healthy animal carcass is to use them as a component in doggy chews.

 Reason # 4: Making Your Pet Happy

Pig ears make great dog treats because they are delicious. Pig ears are not easily consumed in a matter of seconds like some treats are. 

Dogs can savour them for a long time thanks to their chewy texture. It might take several meals for a dog to finish off a pig ear. This lets them enjoy the treat for a long time.


Reason # 5: Great Value For Money

 Pig ears keep well because of their chewy texture. Naturally, this also means that they are a fantastic value. Consider switching to pig ears if your dog (or dogs) typically eat their treats before they fall to the ground. 

Since they last longer than other kinds of treats, you'll need to buy fewer treats – thus saving money.


Bonus Tip from The Pros 

Make sure to measure the pig's ears and dog treats before purchasing. Half chews or pieces are smaller than full pig ears, which live up to their name by being noticeably bigger.

 The jumbo-sized ears are probably the better option if you own a large breed like a Labrador. However, the half chews or pieces will be adequate if you have a small breed dog, such as a Pomeranian.

We recommend pig ears for your dog. They are protein-rich, have a long shelf life, and don't have any harmful additives. go However, they shouldn't account for more than 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake, like with all treats.


Are Pig Ears Good For Dogs' Teeth?

Pig ears are crucial for preserving your dog's dental health. They are a crunchy treat that aids in teeth cleaning by getting rid of plaque and food scraps - think of it as a toothbrush for dogs. 

Pigs' ears require a lot of work to consume because of the amount of hide they contain. Although they do not severely abrade the gums, they are not as tough as cowhide.

The durability is advantageous because it enables continuous chewing, which clears plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth. 

The good news is that occasionally eating pig ears can protect your dog’s teeth from decay and keep them clean.

Are Pig Ears OK For Dogs?

It is a great idea to give pig ears to dogs as it is great for their physical and mental health. Dogs love pig ears because they are chewy and last a very long time. Pig ears help relieve any feelings of stress or anxiety in your pet as well. They are excellent for the dental health of your animal along with their gut health.

If your puppy is less than six months old, it is best to avoid pig ears.

Puppies are more susceptible to getting sick if there is treatment contamination because they have a weaker immune system than adults. Compared to larger dogs, they are more vulnerable to developing a gastrointestinal disorder.

Alternatives To Pig Ears That Are Also Healthy

There are several other chewy snack options that offer your dog some nutritional advantages. Diced sweet potatoes or zucchini are a couple of the items we'd suggest. 

Ensure that each of these is small enough to be easily swallowed by your dog after a chewing session.

Additionally, you can freeze them and then slightly thaw them so your dog has something to chew on for a while rather than just gobbling it up as a treat. 

To give their dog something to chew on while soothing their gums, some dog owners freeze large pineapple chunks or watermelon chunks.


The Final Verdict

Pig ear treats can be wholesome and delectable treats that your dog can indulge in occasionally. They can be good for your pet's health, especially dental health.

However, you should be careful when giving them to your dog to prevent him from ingesting any pieces that might cause an obstruction. If your dog is still a puppy, overweight, or prone to pancreatitis attacks, you should stay away from them.