Chicken Feet Dog Treat Chew

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 What are chicken feet for dogs?  

Chicken feet are a great crispy treat for chewing fun in between meals, which are mainly composed of cartilage, skin, tendons, and tiny bones. Overall they are a great natural and healthy snack for all shapes and sizes of dogs as they contain vital proteins and fatty acids which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. The treat is also suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Also did we mention, it will keep your dog busy for a while??  

Chicken feet also provide very little calories compared to many processed treats that you find in stores and because they are a part of the body humans don’t eat, making them into dog treats makes sure that nothing goes to waste, making them great for the environment.  

Benefits of chicken feet 

Dental Health – Have you ever tried to brush a dogs teeth?? You may think some chicken feet may leave your dog with some bad breath, however, after eating these crunchy treats it helps clean their teeth massively. The amount of grinding that takes place within the mouth scrapes away the left-over bits of food and plaque much like a brush. If you struggle to brush a dog’s teeth often then maybe some chicken feet every now and then as a substitute may make you feel slightly better about not doing so. However, nothing will ever beat brushing your dogs teeth.  

Joint Health – Glucosamine and chondroitin are found in a lot of dog supplements which are synthetically created; however chicken feet contain high concentrations of these and of course… they are completely natural! These help with the dog’s cartilage within their joints and will just massively improve the health of their joints, not just now but for later on in life too, as there are certain dogs that are more prone to joint problems than others. It will also help improve dogs problems with any existing issues they have for example it may help your dogs hip dysplasia. If your looking for a more natural alternative to supplements, chicken feet from Riverside Pet is most definitely worth giving a go and if your not happy you will be covered on our “Riverside Pet Promise”  

Suitable for Puppies
Chicken Feet for dogs are also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old. The chewing action helps to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in young pups.

EU Sourced
All our chicken feet are from our European facility. We don’t import from outside of the EU as animal welfare may not be such a priority and where quality can be an issue. This also ensures all our rabbit ears are TOP QUALITY.