Beef Tripe

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What is beef tripe?  

Tripe is the unprocessed stomach lining of a cattle. Before people owned dogs as pets and they were wild, dogs used to hunt for vital organs of their prey, with tripe being one of the main things. It may sound not very appealing to us as humans but to dogs it really is due to going back to, they’re primal days. Tripe is also becoming a huge supplement for dogs due to how much dogs like it. Tripe, like all our other natural dog treats have many health benefits for your four-legged friend.  


Brilliant Bellies – Tripe contains probiotics which helps with having great gut health and good digestion aids. If your dog more specifically struggles with diarrhoea or any other stomach problem this could be a great source to treat that!  

It contains the same enzymes that a ruminating animal would use to break down their food to create nutrients, which can also be used by dogs. If you supplement a dog’s diet with these types of enzymes, it will help your pet digest at a faster rate and not give them any sort of indigestion or stomach problems.  

Fatty Acids – The main fatty acids Tripe contains are Omega 3 & 6 which have huge benefits to a dog’s health. Some of these benefits include boosting your dog’s immune system which will make them more resistant to illness, give them a nice healthy coat as well as skin and also reduce joint inflammation meaning they won’t have any stiffness or pain within their joints  

Nutritious – Tripe is very protein rich and helps dogs grow strong muscles and bones. Not only that, it will help recover them muscles and bones after your dog has been on a long walk or done intense exercise. The protein within tripe also helps dogs sustain their energy throughout the whole day. On top of that tripe is also packed with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and many more, all of which are naturally ingrained in tripe and not synthetic.,  

Picky eaters – Is your dog a fussy eater?? If so, this will be something your dog will not be able to resist, as the strong scent and taste of tripe are fantastic for encouraging your fussy four-legged friends to eat, with no hassle at all.  

Of course, many humans may find this potent, however your furry friend will probably adore this chewy substance. You can potentially use tripe as small daily additive to your dogs regular food to encourage the dog to eat, or for example if it needs to gain wait and eat a little more. It also makes an amazing trat to keep your dog a little busy from time to time  

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    Suitable for Puppies
    Beef Tripe for dogs are also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old. The chewing action helps to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in young pups.

    EU Sourced
    All our tripe are from our European facility. We don’t import from outside of the EU as animal welfare may not be such a priority and where quality can be an issue. This also ensures all our rabbit ears are TOP QUALITY.