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Sprats are a fish that belong to the herring family and are very well know for being highly nutritious and a versatile treat for dogs. It is another treat which is rich in OMEGA 3 fatty acids which are essential for health and something dogs don’t produce themselves. Our sprats have been fished out of Europe in the Baltic Sea and have been air dried ready for your dog to eat. Our sprats are a cracking crunchy treat for your dog, and they are one of the BEST QUALITY on the market.  

We also mentioned they are versatile and that’s because they are, they can be used as regular treats, they can be broken up into smaller chunks to be used as training treats or even mixed in with your dog’s food to help them eat it or make them enjoy it more.  

Benefits of sprats  

ONE INGRIEDIENT! RIVERSIDE PET are work on ending your worries over the rubbish that is in treats and food. All our dog treat & food will always be free from additives & preservatives and they are 100% natural. All our products are backed by our “Riverside Pet Promise” which ensures you are guaranteed your money back if you are not happy.  

HIGH QUALITY & SAFLEY SOURCED! Our sprats are extremely high in quality, they are from the Baltic Sea and are from sustainable fishing areas. When buying from Riverside Pet you know you can buy with a peace of mind knowing that you are not damaging the limited fish supplies that the world has. We pride ourselves for having some of the best quality sprats on the market.  

Very Nutritious – Our sprats are rich in OMEGA 3 fatty acids which are essential for health and something dogs don’t produce themselves which makes it a fundamental additive to a dog’s diet. Fish can provide benefits such as healthy joints and bones, great skin and fur, improved vision and many more! Also the fact that they are low in fat and cholesterol makes it another great additive as it will decrease the chance of heart disease and other illnesses.   

Suitable for Puppies
Sprats for dogs are also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old. The chewing action helps to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in young pups.

EU Sourced
All our sprats are from our European facility. We don’t import from outside of the EU as animal welfare may not be such a priority and where quality can be an issue. This also ensures all our sprats are TOP QUALITY.