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What are they?  

Pig ears are made up of cartilage which makes them chewy and very tasty. They are suitable for dogs of all sizes ranging from your little westie to your large German shepherd. They are high in protein which will help keep your fury friends’ muscles strong and on top of that will give them a nice, healthy coat. The question that gets asked a lot is “Are they healthy?” the short answer is YES. If they are in moderation and of good quality, which ours are! Just remember they are big treats so be sure to feed in moderation so make sure you account for them in the dog's daily food intake!  

Are they safe?  

When buying pig ears for your furry friend, ensure you look for certain things so you know they are safe. The most important thing is … how have the pig ears you buy for your dog been processed? 

Pig ears are usually sold whole so they’re recognizable as ears! Pig ears that are safe for dogs should be an unaltered whole ingredient just like ours! Don’t buy pig ear strips or pieces as they’re more likely to be processed with chemicals and other harmful substances.  

Benefits of Pig ears for dogs

  • Great for skin and hair – With the high levels of protein that pig ears have, it holds huge health benefits, such as the vital role in forming new hair and skin cells. Keeping the hair and skin safe and healthy, helps dogs fight away things like Ticks, Skin allergies, and Flea allergies. With our pig ears your dog’s hair will always be Paws-itvley impacted 😊  
  • 100% NATURAL – Our pig ears are 100% natural pork and have no preservatives or additives, making them very safe for your four-legged friend. Here at Riverside Pet, we can assure you everything is extremely safe, and you should be able to purchase with confidence.  
  • Terrific for the tummy – Usually with dog treats a lot of flavour additives and nasties are put in the treats to make them more appealing, which does work… however there is a huge downside as them additives and nasties will be very bad for your dog’s gut health which can result in diarrhoea and vomiting. This is another reason to choose US as our treats are free from all that and natural, which mainly makes it much better for your dog’s bellow. Not to mention they are extremely tasty 
  • Healthy and Tasty – Your four-legged fiend will no doubt gobble the whole ear up rapidly, however you should be aware they contain high levels of iron and omega 3 which are essential in a dog’s diet. This means pig ears are a great alternative to other treats which may not have the nutritional value that we offer with our pig ears 
  • VERY HIGH QUALITY - We take pride in ourselves for being the best quality pig ears on the market. This is why customers keep coming back for more, they are also the largest pig ears we have ever seen compared to other competitors. 


Suitable for Puppies
Pig ears for dogs are also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old. The chewing action helps to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in young pups.

EU Sourced
All our pig ears are from our European facility. We don’t import from outside of the EU as animal welfare may not be such a priority and where quality can be an issue. This also ensures all our Pig ears are TOP QUALITY.