Rabbit Ears Natural with fur Hair Hypoallergenic Dog Treat Chew

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Our Natural Rabbit ears are great chews for dogs with sensitive digestions or who suffer from allergies. 100% Natural, with no additives or preservatives!

Single Source Ingredient

Grain & Gluten-Free, high in protein and low in fat. These are considered a low-fat alternative to Pigs Ears and are 100% natural and have been slowly dried to produce a treat which will keep your dog occupied and give them all the nutrients they need. Low odour so no need to send them outside! 

All of our Rabbit Ears are responsibly sourced in Europe and FEDIAD approved! Loved by all dog owners. High protein content, perfect for all smaller breeds. Small and lightweight so can be fed as a training treat or as snack in-between meals. Great low fat high protein treat dog treat with fur/hair are becoming a very popular choice for dog owners as they are 100% natural and there is not processed nor do they have any nasty chemicals added to then.

They are taken straight from the Rabbit and then slowly air dried at 180 degrees to product a healthy nutritional treat perfect for all dogs. Benefits of feeding fur products:

  • Help to solidify stool, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Are 100% Natural with no added chemical
  • Composition - 100% Rabbit Ears Analytical constitutions: Crude Ash (%) 7.00 Crude Fat (%) 14.82 Crude Protein 70.56 Moisture(%) 7.62


These are a completely natural air-dried treat, they contain no additives, flavourings, preservatives, grain or gluten. This is a perfect healthy treat for your dog that will leave them drooling. There are many benefits to feeding treats with hair/fur, they are not processed in any way and wholly natural and they work as a natural wormer, which is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  • Suitable for big and small dogs
  • With fur for intestinal cleaning
  • Can be used as an antiparasitic in your dog's daily routine.

We take pride in ourselves for being the best quality rabbit ears on the market. This is why customers keep coming back for more.

Natural Dewormer
The biggest benefit of rabbit ears for dogs is that they act as a natural dewormer. The fur creates a ‘brushing’ action which helps to filter out worms and eggs within your dog’s digestive system.

Improved Digestion
The fur on rabbit ears creates the brushing action which cleans your dog’s digestive tract by brushing away residue from food, which gets trapped in your dog’s body and can cause discomfort if it builds up over time. Your dog can also absorb more nutrients with a clean digestive tract.

Helps to Clean Teeth
When chewed, the rabbit ears create a rubbing action on teeth which helps to remove plaque, much like when you brush their teeth. They also naturally floss your dog's teeth as the hair can get stuck in between their teeth, getting rid of any food stuck there.

Rich in Fibre
The fur on rabbit ears contains fibre which is best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation. Rabbit ears help to firm up stools which improves anal glad health and helps dogs who struggle with recurrent anal gland impactions.

Made from 100% rabbit, rabbit ears for dogs are hypoallergenic because they are a ‘novel’ protein (not commonly seen in dog treats) so they are less likely to cause a reaction in dogs who suffer from allergies. Many producers of rabbit ears claim they are hypoallergenic and are suitable for dogs with food allergies. While this isn’t entirely true, as dogs can be allergic to rabbit proteins, it is very rare for a dog to be allergic to rabbit as it is a novel protein. Therefore, most dogs with allergies can tolerate it well.

Decreases Anxiety
As your dog chews on the rabbit ear, its body releases endorphins which calm and relaxes your dog. Chewing is scientifically proven to relieve stress in dogs and is an excellent distraction, especially on bonfire night or New Year’s Eve.

Suitable for Puppies
Rabbit ears for dogs are also suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old. The chewing action helps to soothe itchy gums and relieve teething pain in young pups.

EU Sourced
All our rabbit ears are from our European facility. We don’t import from outside of the EU as animal welfare may not be such a priority and where quality can be an issue. This also ensures all our rabbit ears are TOP QUALITY.