Riverside Pet Natural Rabbit Ear Treats


We take pride in ourselves for being the best quality rabbit ears on the market.
This is why customers keep coming back for more.


Made from 100% rabbit, rabbit ears for dogs are hypoallergenic because they are a ‘novel’ protein (not commonly seen in dog treats) so they are less likely to cause a reaction in dogs who suffer from allergies. Many producers of rabbit ears claim they are hypoallergenic and are suitable for dogs with food allergies. While this isn’t entirely true, as dogs can be allergic to rabbit proteins, it is very rare for a dog to be allergic to rabbit as it is a novel protein. Therefore, most dogs with allergies can tolerate it well.

100% Rabbit Ears Analytical constitutions:
Crude Ash (%) 7.00 Crude Fat (%) 14.82 Crude Protein 70.56 Moisture(%) 7.62